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Skip tracing is the act of finding (or “tracing”) someone. Our clients usually will send us a list of names and addresses. We send them back the list with phone numbers and emails for the individuals AND Business Entities on that list.

For the absolute best results you will need:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Property Address
  • Property City
  • Property State
  • Property Zip

(Mailing address, city, state, and zip aren’t required but will only increase the results so we HIGHLY recommend including Mailing information)

Please download template so you can send your file in the proper format. ALL files need to be sent as a .csv

  • Up to 7 numbers; 1 number min.
  • Type of number (Wireless, Landline, Etc.)
  • 1-3 emails
  • Owner name of certain Business Entities (LLCs, etc.)

Keep in mind the 1st 2-3 numbers will always have the most potential accuracy.

Results come back within 24 hours of submission. Most orders will come back quicker than 24 hours. If you submit files on weekends, we will return the files the next business day.

Yes. It should be noted though that some businesses will be difficult or near impossible to find numbers for but in those cases we sometimes can provide numbers that are associated with the business that might not be the owner but someone with an associatio

No, there is no minimum order amount. You’re in complete control.

The data we provide is tier-1 data for industry standards. Most people who use our service have come from other companies who they weren’t satisfied with and have been with us ever since. Our hit rate typically is around 92%-95% with a degree of accuracy.

Download the template to ensure the best possible results.

Unlike other companies you are ONLY charged for searches that provide at least 1 number associated. If we don’t provide a number you won’t be charged for that search.

  • Free Members $0.20 per unique lead
  • Premium Members $.12 per unique lead
  • VIP Members $.08 per unique lead
  • Premium Membership is ONLY $9/month with no annual commitment
  • VIP Membership is ONLY $97/month with no annual commitment

We do not offer any refunds for ANY reason. Once an order is submitted, we are not able to offer any cancellations. You are only charged for the records that we provide a number for. Also, subscriptions can be canceled but not refunded.