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Getting Started

It’s easy to get start. Simply create an account, upload your list, submit payment
and sit back and relax while our team does all the heavy lifting!


Create Account

It’s easy to get started! Sign up for a membership and choose your level. There’s no contract because it’s not 1980 anymore.


Upload List

Upload your .CSV file with any amount of columns or rows. You can scrub your list for duplicates with our data header mapper.


Submit Payment

After your list is scrubbed for duplicates and optimized for our team you will submit payment for ONLY 92% of your list!


Data is Delivered

Our team will get to work immediately. You will be notified by email within 24 hours when your list is ready to download!


We get more hits per list because we use more databases than the industry standard. We don’t just resell data from larger list providers – we dig deep in the source databases. 


Reach more people with more results. With each lead you will get the benefit of receiving mulitple mobile and landline numbers as well as email addresses.


We know we could charge more like the other guys but we don’t want to. We want to make it affordable so you can skip more leads and get more results!

Profits For A Purpose

We have been helping Entrepreneurs gain access to the most accurate and affordable data so they can create a brighter future one person at a time. Now it’s time we take our reach and impact to another level by donating portions of the proceeds from each order to help sustain the future of Skippy’s family – The Polar Bears.

Give Back

As strong as polar bears are, they need our help to survive the upcoming decades. The only solution is action.
5% of your order will directly contribute to the science, education, and advocacy to help save the polar bear species
and their habitat, and also preserve the climate that has allowed humans to flourish.

Customer Reviews

“Best Skip Tracer in the industry” is a pretty big claim. But, we can back it up.
Listen to what some of our happy customers have to say.

Best Skip Tracer
Based on 5 reviews
Best Skip Tracer
Based on 3 reviews
Great service and great value. I’ll be using Best Skip Tracer from now on. With them I got multiple phone numbers and email addresses. With another company I only received 1 phone number and it was more expensive.
Minneapolis MN
Minneapolis MN
Did a small list match of about 250. Price was great and we got lots of usable data including multiple phone numbers as well as email addresses.
Darlene Urbanski
Darlene Urbanski
You won't go wrong using Best Skip Tracer. The data received from them is by far the best. We are getting high hit rates on our lists and the data is very accurate allowing our team to make contact on the first attempt. Their service is prompt and duplicate records are removed. If you are considering using Best Skip Tracer, don’t hesitate any longer. Our experience has been great and we will continue to use them.
Onyx Homes, LLC
Onyx Homes, LLC
Best Skip Tracer is one of the best. They find usable name and numbers. The customer service is outstanding. There prices are great. I recommend their services.
Andrea Lane
Andrea Lane
I switched from another provider for several reasons. First and foremost, I wasn't getting good data with my old provider. I was paying 0.15 a skip and a monthly fee of $49 a month.My first list I ran through best skip tracer, of the 200 messages I sent and i got zero messages came back as wrong number! Huge improvement, plus the cost savings of $9 a month and 0.12 a skip. The turn around time is really quick. Plus, the customer service is great.
Brennan Palmiter
Brennan Palmiter
We have used Best Skip Tracer several times for some very large lists. Turn around time is quick and the data is solid. We have gotten deals off every list they have traced for us. We will keep using them and recommend them to others looking for skip tracing.
Matthew Lasater
Matthew Lasater
BestSkipTracer was an extremely professional, quick, and communicative business to work with. Comparing with other companies offering similar services, BestSkipTracer was able to exceed expectations while simultaneously beating the competitors on price. I reached out to the company directly with questions and I was put in touch with the CEO and founder John. John was able to describe how his service is on par, if not better, than large corporate establishments in the industry and the extra step they take to verify leads and phone numbers. The price was also better than competitors, but the personal touch and customer service is what sold me. I had quite a large, difficult list to process, during which members of the team reached out to me directly to let me know of the progress. Even though the list was difficult to manage, they assure me of their accuracy rate, making sure to comb through the entire thing twice, making sure they did not make any mistakes. The human to human interaction during a process that is largely digital and ran behind AI and algorithmic database processing was awesome and reassuring at the same time.Highly recommend BestSkipTracer for anyone looking to track leads for their personal business, clean up and streamline their CRM, and set aside time for other tasks knowing the job will be done quickly and correctly.
Great service ran by great people! Would highly reccomend!
Joshua Ryan Roosen
Joshua Ryan Roosen