About Us

Born out of NECESSITY. Driven by PASSION

Best Skip Tracer is the leading online Skip Tracing service provider and since our inception in 2020 we have been helping Real Estate Entrepreneurs gain access to the most accurate and affordable data so they can create a brighter future one person at a time. Through our extensive knowledge of the data industry, network of resources and years of expertise, we are able to assist Real Estate Entrepreneurs with a variety of skip tracing requests. We pride ourselves on our reputation for working one-on-one with each client to handle their individual requests and creating an extremely fast and hassle-free transaction.

With the ability to work directly with multiple data providers we can cross reference more than 15 data sources to produce the most accurate information in the industry. Whether you’re skip tracing for the first time or you’ve worked with other service providers in the past and you’re looking for a more accurate and affordable result, we can help. We know what it feels like to spend precious marketing dollars on a marketing campaign that was based on bad data – that’s why we created Best Skip Tracer. By equipping the client with the most accurate data we empower them to get better results and create brighter futures.

Our name is our claim and we stand behind that with 100% certainty. We are guided by our core values, mission and philosophy.

Who We Are

Our Team

JP Kilduff

Founder & Owner

JP is a retired Coast Guard Veteran that took up real estate investing as his second career.

As a real estate investor he uses skip tracing as one of his go-to tools when marketing for leads. Always striving for excellence, JP set out to create a skip tracing company that fills in the gaps left by other providers and provide it back to the real estate community without charging all the extra fees.

JP is a serial entrepreneur, coach and influencer dedicated to motivating, inspiring and empowering other entrepreneurs.

Tracey Jones

Director of Operations

Tracey has worked in the real estate industry since 2014 and brings a keen sense of organization and attention to detail to the team.

Tracey is dedicated to overseeing the daily operations and ensuring that Best Skip Tracer’s clients experience world-class customer service.

Sarah Overmeyer

Marketing Team Lead

Sarah, a Navy Veteran, who also holds a degree in cartography, has been working in the marketing field as a second career.

As she keeps up with the ever-changing pulse of social media, she keeps Best Skip Tracer’s accounts up to date with new and relevant content and handles the social media marketing.

Our Guiding Principals

There are tough decisions to be made everyday. We are guided by our core values, mission and philosophy.

We are brave in our decisions and act without fear of failure and challenge the status quo.

We do more, be more and expect more than others think is possible. We strive to exceed even our own expectations.

There is strength in the truth. We are open and honest and always lead with our heart.

We are committed to the highest level of communication, accountability and reliability in order for the team to succeed

Our Mission

To revitalize communities nationwide through our customers by providing the most accurate data to connect real estate professionals with distressed homeowners with world-class customer service.

Our Philosophy

Good is the enemy of great.