5 New Tools Real Estate Agents Are Using to Increase Their Sales

Learning how to generate leads for real estate starts with finding the right tools at your disposal. Skip tracing for real estate could be your thing, or you might have the budget to deploy this along with social media advertising. Real estate lead generation is as flexible as you can make it out to be, and the hottest, latest tools can certainly get you acquainted with those leads you’ve always been waiting for!

To start off with real estate lead generation, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the best tools in your arsenal. We compiled a few that can easily streamline the process for you so dealing with clients gets easier and easier with time.

Read on to discover 5 new tools you ended to use to increase your sales:

Google Suite

One of the best, most timeless tools you can get into is the entire Google Suite. You don’t need to use every single product Google has to offer, but try to see how you can fit them into your day.

Need to create quick, attractive presentations? Boot up Google Slides. Too many appointments to handle? Make meetings happen using Google Calendar. You can also use GMeet to set up online meetings for free. And don’t underestimate the power of having a locked, loaded GMail list you can contact for new offers, follow-ups, and more!


Do you unfortunately lack the budget to employ a part-time or full-time graphic designer for your advertising materials? No need to worry when you’ve got a Canva account!

Depending on your needs, you can make use of a free or premium Canva account to make anything from flyers, infographics, social media posts, social media ads, and you can even get access to well-designed presentation templates that will have you ready to go!

Canva is a great tool that can get you familiar with the basics of graphic design too, so you’re teaching yourself a new skill while actively seeking out leads.


With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, online meetings have become increasingly more popular especially for people seeking their own property. However, instead of having to bring your phone so you can project every inch of the property you need to sell while you pray that your connection doesn’t get cut off, you can use something like Matterport instead.
This tool enables your audience to check out a virtual tour of the property along with a floor plan, if you’re up to it! This can contain links to MLS and can be embedded to websites, which can make it a great addition for your business.


Having difficulty getting a hold of your incredibly busy clients? But you simply need to get all your documents signed? Use DocuSign so they can sign securely any time, from anywhere! Plus, it can be used on any device, too.

Signatures can also be reworked in real time so you won’t have to worry about messy handwriting or illegible signatures from your clients. Less back and forth and less paperwork for both parties involved. No need to stress about signatures when you can be busier closing those deals!


Eventually, as your real estate business expands, more and more agents will train under you. Or perhaps you already have a team at your disposal and are ready to deploy them to the nearest client!

To understand what page each team member is on regarding their specific projects, you can make use of custom real estate boards that can tell you the status of each project in a single glance. How’s that for productivity?

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