Top 41 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

top 41 real estate lead generation ideas


To last in the real estate market, you must maintain a list of home buyers and sellers. A consistent lead list can help increase efficiency and build your reputation as a quality real estate agent. 


The problem is that many of the general lead generation ideas for real estate have already been used three times over by the competition. So instead, you’ll need to take time to brainstorm innovative real estate lead sources. To help, we’ve put together the top 41 real estate lead generation ideas that you can implement today to advance your real estate career. 


1. Nurture Community Referrals 

When it comes to leads, relationships are everything. So whether it’s follow-up emails or quick calls to check in, nurturing local referrals is an easy way to develop leads for real estate investors. 

2. Divorce Leads for Real Estate Investors 

Divorce leads can help boost your overall lead total. Divorces can take time to finalize, which is a long-term lead strategy. 

3. Tik Tok Real Estate Marketing  

TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular and diverse social media apps. Real estate agents should post videos of their properties and events to build a following on this popular app. 

4. Lead Prospecting on LinkedIn and Other Social Platforms 

Outside of Tik Tok, there are several other great social media platforms real estate agents can use for lead prospecting. LinkedIn is perfect for agents looking to connect and build relationships with other professionals. 

5. Use Zillow Premier Agent 

Considered one of the top real estate platforms, Zillow Premier Agent connects real estate agents directly with buyers within the Zillow website. The service also provides analytics and services to help with nurturing your leads. 

6. Virtual Home Tours 

Posting virtual home tours online can be a great way to generate interest in your real estate investments. Be sure to post a call-to-action next to the video so potential buyers can request more information. 

7. Paid Advertising on Google, Facebook & Others 

Paid advertising is one of the more traditional digital lead generation methods and should be a focus within your lead generation strategy. 

8. Establish a Strong Personal Brand 

Establishing yourself as a trusted real estate agent is a natural way to generate more real estate leads, so try to focus on providing as much service as possible, no matter the client or investment. 

9. Implement Automated Text Messaging 

A fast response can be the difference between landing or missing out on a prospective client in the real estate market. Setting up automated text messages can help you and your team respond to inquiries as quickly as possible. 

10. Host an Open House or Event 

Hosting open houses can be a great way to network with prospective buyers while showing off your real estate assets. Look to make the event as unique as possible.  Even if they are not interested in a specific house, they may remember the event and reach out to you about other houses. 

11. Use Skip Tracing to Identify Potential Leads 

Skip tracing can be a great way to expand your resources for identifying potential real estate leads. It is beneficial to use direct networking and lead generation strategies. 

12. Utilize CRMs to Nurture Real Estate Leads 

One key aspect of nurturing leads is keeping the prospective buyer information organized. A CRM is much needed, especially as your lead volume grows. 

13. Buy Leads from is one of the most popular real estate sites out there. It’s recommended to supplement your lead generation strategies with direct leads purchased from the company. 

14. Build a Professional Website 

While many people attend open houses, the real estate market has also entered the digital realm. You should build a professional website to expand your lead generation potential. 

15. Send Direct Mail Sales Letters 

A great real estate lead generation strategy incorporates innovative and traditional approaches, and there’s nothing more traditional than direct mail sale letters. Consider incorporating gifts or personal notes to buyers you are close to closing.  

16. Network with Local Home Builders & Businesses 

Real estate agents are just one part of the larger local economy. Partnering with local home builders or businesses can help attract potential buyers you originally may not have been in contact with. 

17. Attend Real Estate Conventions and Meetings 

Networking is a significant part of lead generation. Attend real estate conventions to establish new networks and lead sources. 

18. Free Home Evaluations 

Free home evaluations can be an excellent way for real estate agents to showcase their skills and services. 

19. Predictive Analytics to Develop Real Estate Leads 

Predictive analytics is one of the more modern approaches to real estate lead generation. What better way to nurture prospective leads than to predict their interest and behavior based on what data you already know? 

20. Build a Segment Targeting Distressed Homes 

Distressed homes can be a quality real estate investment with a high return on investment. Experienced real estate agents will want to segment a portion of their lead generation strategy to target distressed homes. 

21. Market Your Services to Investors 

An easy way to generate leads is to market your services to individuals that repeatedly invest in real estate projects. Focus on developing relationships with investors continuously looking for new projects. 

22. Advertise within Local Media 

Local media can be a quality advertising option for building your brand and developing leads within the local neighborhood. Radio, newspapers, and magazines are all great local media advertising options. 

23. Build a First-Time Buyer Program 

First-time buyers often have several questions they’ll need to be answered before purchasing a home. Developing a first-time buyer program can not only help answer their questions but also allow you to build relationships with potential leads at scale. 

24. Gain Momentum with Expired Listings 

Expired listings can be a great real estate lead generation source. Be sure to pay close attention to expired listings that have never been relisted – that is where most of the opportunity is.  

25. Market Your Online Reviews

Positive online reviews are great. What’s even more powerful is actively advertising these reviews to broaden your reach and lead potential. 


26. Start a Social Media Contest 

Are you looking to spread awareness about your social media page or real estate listings? Social media contests can be a great way to encourage sharing and generate potential leads. 

27. Join Facebook Community Pages 

Most real estate agents understand the importance of advertising out in their community. You should treat online communities the same way. Join all relevant Facebook community pages you can, and be sure to participate in conversations. 

28. Support Local Charity Events 

Supporting local charity events is a great way to help and get to know others in the community. If your community doesn’t host local charity events, consider starting a few on your own. 

29. Traditional Cold Calling 

With so many emails and text messages sent, sometimes the human element can help get someone’s attention. Traditional cold calling can be a great strategy if some of your other lead generation methods have had trouble gaining momentum. 

30. Grow Expertise By Answering Questions on Quora 

Home buyers and sellers want to work with real estate experts that they can trust. Quora can be a great way to build your expertise and showcase your knowledge. Quora is a must for a modern real estate agent looking to build their brand. 

31. Start a Youtube Channel or Vlog 

Every single month, YouTube gets 1.7 billion unique visitors. This means there are a ton of lead generation opportunities on YouTube. Post a video tour of one of your most recent houses for sale to get started. 

32. Craft Trendy Drone Videos 

Drone videos provide excellent views of the home and the local neighborhood. Share these drone videos on your social platforms along with a lead form. 

33. Advertise on Podcasts 

Podcasts continue to increase in popularity year over year. Take advantage of this growing medium by advertising on channels that align with your target audience. 

34. Sponsor Events for Top Clients or Investors 

Sponsored events allow you to nurture your relationship with top clients. Hint: try and make the event as fun and unique as possible, so the event is one to remember. 

35. Develop Buyer Personas For Each Different Houses 

Not all home buyers are equal. Make your lead list as effective as possible by developing buyer personas for each house and neighborhood within your area. 

36. Sponsored Social Posts  

To get attention on social media, you’ll need to submit photos of your most attractive and glamorous houses for sponsored posts. It might cost money upfront, but sponsored posts can be a great way to attract attention and generate leads. 

37. Utilize AI to Give Buyers a Look at the House’s Potential 

Artificial intelligence can be a valuable tool for real estate agents looking to inspire prospective buyers. Artificial Intelligence helps imagine what the home could be, not just what it looks like at the moment. 

38. Guest Posts on Real Estate Websites 

Guest posts are essential for building a personal brand and real estate company. Be sure that the site drives organic traffic to get the most value out of your article. 

39. Ask Clients or Connections for Referrals 

Sometimes generating new leads is as simple as asking your network for referrals. As the old saying goes – it never hurts to ask. 

40. Develop a Trait to Be Remembered By 

When networking or communicating with prospective buyers, you’ll want to ensure that you have at least one unique skill or trait. It can be how you communicate or listen or a flashy website or slogan. Whatever it is, just make sure you have something that others will remember you by.  

41. Send Seasonal Cards with Treats or Gifts 

Sending seasonal cards with treats or gifts can be a great way to gain potential leads or even nurture current relationships. With this approach, the best tip is to be genuine and thoughtful with what you say and give. 


If you’re looking for more information on lead generation, feel free to contact us at Best Skip Tracing. We’d love to help you expand your list of prospective leads and grow your real estate business.