Best Skip Tracer Affiliate Program

Affiliate Link

We just wanted to take a minute and share with you all of the awesome benefits of our Affiliate Marketing Program. As members of Best Skip Tracer when you signed up you automatically receive an affiliate link that you can use to promote our services. If you go over on the left hand side of your dashboard you’ll see that there’s an affiliate area and on one of the first couple of tabs you’ll see that you have an affiliate link that you can share out. And what’s awesome and sets our Affiliate Marketing Program apart from so many others is what the potential gets when the use your link.

Not your average affiliate program

I know, another affiliate program….being a real estate investor and really enjoying some of the products and services that we used and wanting to refer them to other real estate investors. But, it always felt a little slimy because I was pushing a referral link that would bring me money but not really do much for them putting them on the defensive. So, What we aim to do with this program is get rid of all of that! Your affiliate link will actually give half off their first month subscription! If they choose a Premium account that’s a savings of $4.50 on their first month. The best value is signing up for a VIP account and getting a savings of $48.50 and enjoying our lowest price per skip! Each referral is awarded SkipCoin, which is credit that anyone can use to apply to their next order or whatever order that you see fit.

Reocurring passive income

Now let’s talk about what you as a Bestie (current customer) gets with each successful referral. With each sign up the Bestie will get the other half of the monthly subscription but, not just for the first month. No, that would be just like every other affiliate program. In our program you’re actually going to get it every single month that the referral is a paying member so it’s a reoccurring passive income stream! How awesome is that!

Share shamelessly

What we’d like to do is just encourage everybody that if you are mentioning Best Skip Tracer, whether it’s by word of mouth over the phone or through text or even on social media or on your website, just make sure that you’re encouraging people to use the affiliate link to sign up so they can get half off. It’s worth noting that if they go directly to our website then they’re going to miss out on the savings.