Here’s Why Skip Tracing is Still Vital for Any Real Estate Agent’s Success

Real estate lead generation can be tough. What do you do when your calls aren’t coming through and your contacts are unresponsive even when you’ve been following up?

There are a number of solutions you can try, but we recommend looking into skip tracing for real estate agents. Instead of turning to conventional solutions like cold messages on social media or even creating content of your own, skip tracing is an unconventional yet easy solution to turn to in order to speak to an entirely new, almost untraceable target market.

Why would you want to invest in them, you might ask? Read on to find out!

What is skip tracing?

In simple terms, skip tracing is a professional service you avail of to find individuals who likely don’t want to be found. They are likely nomads who love moving from place to place, avoiding modern technology like social media and cell phones altogether. They likely keep a low profile and only keep in contact with a few friends, if any.

So what’s beneficial about contacting these people? Well, they likely leave abandoned property behind and don’t know much about what to do with them. As someone working in real estate, you can contact them and convince them to make a sale on their abandoned property while negotiating profits for yourself, too!

How much does it cost?

Cost will have to depend on the company you’re inquiring with, and how long the job will have to take. It will also depend if you want to get a singular contact or want access to multiple people who are difficult to find through regular means.

A basic search will cost you around $400-$800. This will likely take more than a week to accomplish. A rushed job is slightly pricier at $500-1,000. Ask your skip tracer for more information regarding how much they can accomplish before you make a decision.

Skip tracing can generate leads fast

As someone working in real estate, you know how hard it is to generate leads the traditional way. Going door to door, flyering in public, and sending cold messages on social media will sometimes take weeks to bear fruit. And we don’t blame you. You’re talking to incredibly busy people who may or may not give you the time of day.

Thanks to skip tracing, your tracer will be able to turnover leads to you during a specific agreed time period. It’ll still be up to you to sell the deal, but at least your contacts are taken care of.

You will have access to a lot of data

Skip tracing mostly relies on gathering receipts of where the individual has done business. This kind of data won’t be accessible to you through regular means, so you better make the most out of it!

A professional skip tracer will help you gain access to all kinds of data, including or not limited to medical records, recent purchase records, new (likely temporary) addresses where the individual is staying in, and even new information about who they were last in contact with. Use all of this information while building a rock solid proposal.

There’s a lot of value for money in it

The great thing about paying to generate leads from a skip tracer is that you will likely have less competition. These people you’ll be talking to don’t get a lot of real estate offers to begin with, and are hesitant about speaking to a lot of individuals outside of their immediate social circle.

Once you get them interested in what you have to say, you won’t have to worry about another real estate agent swooping in and taking a sweet deal away from you. Take advantage of hard-to-reach leads and you’ll have a closed deal in no time!

Need more info?

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