How You Can Leverage Skip Tracing For Your Real Estate Business

Skip tracing for real estate is a marketing strategy that few people consider, but many can benefit from once they start to take it seriously.

What is skip tracing, you might ask? Professional skip tracing services specialize in contacting individuals who are incredibly hard to reach. This means that you can present someone new with an opportunity even though they don’t have a cellphone, or aren’t on social media.

Read on to discover some of the benefits of hiring a skip tracer:

Find distressed property owners

Ever wondered about houses you’d pass by on perfectly decent locations, but the owner doesn’t seem anywhere in sight? Some of these homes could be abandoned for years, and due to neglect, you might find that it could be a wasted real estate opportunity if you don’t tap it.

These houses might be owned by hard-to-find individuals. These people are more often than not, either nomads or are dealing with personal issues that don’t permit them from staying at their property. Contacting them can help them get the property out of their hands without being found.

Narrow down your options

You only have to look around to see how difficult cold contacting can be via email marketing. Social media advertising can be difficult to navigate as well if you aren’t internet-savvy.

With skip tracing, you don’t need to exclusively rely on traditional and digital means of advertising just to get an interested client. Depending on your deal with your professional skip tracer, they can contact multiple individuals who may be hard to reach. This makes your target market a little more unique than what the regular real estate agent could run into. Who knows, your next best deal could be just around the corner.

Present opportunities to new people

It may be difficult to gauge the personalities of people who are difficult to contact, but they may not know a lot about how much they can earn via real estate. They may just want to escape their current bubble, and have little concern for selling perfectly good property.

However, like everyone else, they still need money to survive. Effectively convincing them to get disenfranchised property out of their hands can help them scrounge up some more money to still continue living the life they chose. Plus, you can earn as well through commissions!

Go straight to the source

The difficult thing about contacting new clients via the internet or via cold calls is that they have more means of ending the conversation with you. They can always say they’re busy and never call again, or they can choose to ignore your message. After all, you probably barely know them, so why would they want to listen to a cold pitch?

Skip tracing can help you go straight to the source and pitch via a face-to-face conversation. You probably aren’t connected to the potential client’s network either, so they might be more open to doing business with you.

Discover new house flipping opportunities

With your expertise, you can effectively try to convince your hard-to-reach client to invest in house flipping. Not all of them can cover costs for repairs, so you’ll have to extend some help or negotiate with them regarding how much they can do. But a successful sale and repair could prove to be a lucrative opportunity for the both of you.

This is especially true if your contact’s home is conveniently located at a reputable location. They may have some bad memories attached to their property, but turning it into something entirely different can be both profitable and emotionally healing for them.

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