Real Estate Agents Can Benefit From Skip Tracing! Here’s How

Skip tracing for real estate can be one of the many ways you can stand out from the competition as a real estate agent. Real estate lead generation is usually achieved through very conventional means: email, cold calls, and through reaching out via social media. Understanding the benefits of skip tracing can help you find leads that have been previously inaccessible, and generally unknown by the competition.

Read on to find out the benefits when you discover how to find leads for real estate via skip tracing:

What Is Skip Tracing?

Some individuals are extremely hard to contact, either due to their nomadic behavior or lack of a significant presence online.

What professional skip tracers can do is that they can go through publicly accessible leads to track down these hard-to-reach individuals. More often than not, these people also have abandoned property left behind, and could be convinced to sell their property to others who could flip the property for an even higher price on the market.

Skip Tracing Can Help You Gain Access To People Without Phone Numbers

If someone isn’t available on the world wide web, surely they must have phone numbers, right?

Well, not necessarily. People who purposefully want to remain off the grid either barely list their phone numbers anywhere or don’t have a phone number at all. Don’t count on them listing their cellphone number either.

Skip tracers can effectively track these people down using publicly available data, like their dental records, credit card purchases, and other similar records to contact a potential lead for you.

Skip Tracing Can Help You Gain More Real Estate Info

Skip tracers usually have access to Multiple Listing Services or MLS websites that have a lot of rich data on numerous real estate leads.

It’s possible to go to skip tracing without a singular lead in sight, or perhaps you’re more flexible and want to contact more people than you initially wanted to contact. Skip tracers can share this information with you and help you tap even more leads than you realized you can tap!

Competition Can Be Significantly Reduced

If you will be chasing the same, conventional leads as everyone else is, you’re bound to have a difficult time closing deals. The people you’re talking to on social media might already be talking to another agent, and going with their deal if it turns out to be cheaper for them.

By finding new contacts that haven’t been tapped before, you’re getting a one-on-one opportunity to sell your idea to someone who doesn’t want to be on the grid. They likely don’t want to talk to anyone else about an opportunity to sell, and can be more easily convinced. Don’t underestimate the power of an untapped lead, especially with the help of professional skip tracers!

Capitalize On Properties That Haven’t Been Listed For Sale

People who generally don’t want their info to be publicly available are less likely to already have a distressed property up for sale, unlike those who intentionally post extremely cheap listings online.

Closing deals often means getting to a lead first, and speaking to them before they get the chance to speak to anyone else. By selling the idea of letting go of distressed property, your person of interest could continue to maintain the kind of lifestyle they are currently living while making some cash on the side out of their distressed property.

They may not earn as much as you will when you flip the property on the public market, but they will likely entertain any opportunity to earn a bit of cash.

Need More Info?

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