The Best Ways Agents Can Find New Leads For More Real Estate Investments

Real estate lead generation can be quite challenging, even for the most experienced real estate agent. It’s normal to experience a lull while trying to generate leads, especially if conversations peter out and you end up losing potential clients to other agents. However, don’t feel discouraged! There are many ways to continuously generate leads, and they aren’t as difficult as you would think.

We compiled 5 easy ways you can generate leads today! Read on to discover the best method for you.

Invest in the internet

Just two years ago in 2020, over 97% of survey respondents used the internet to search for their future home, according to the National Association of Realtors. We assume that this number simply increased over time, and for good reason. The internet can provide accurate information about the individual selling property, and even show them a glimpse of said property from the comfort of their own home through online photos.

Here are some ways you can leverage the internet to sell real estate:

  • Run ads on LinkedIn
  • Run ads on Facebook
  • Run Google ads
  • Answer real estate questions on Quora
  • Write blogs for international and local real estate websites

Make sure you follow the optimum copy and image requirements for your ads, so they can perform as best they can.

Strengthen your relationships

Now that you’ve built contacts, how do you properly maintain a working relationship with them? It helps to share valuable content once in a while, so they constantly look to you as a reliable source when it comes to anything and everything real estate.

Here’s some info you can share with homeowners:

  • Tell them how to gauge how expensive their homes will be over time.
  • Regularly send them info on local market conditions and how this can affect them.

For those who want to rent

  • Timely updates on rented properties near them would be useful.
  • Include info on affordable properties.

Hire a professional skip tracer

What is skip tracing for leads? Skip tracing for real estate agents entails hiring a professional skip tracer to find individuals who are hard to contact. These people have limited access to the internet, don’t have cell phones, and likely lead a nomadic lifestyle. There is a good chance that they have left properties behind, and have no idea what to do with them.

Convincing them to sell their property could provide income for the both of you while helping you build a niche client base in the process! Try approaching professional skip tracers to see what they could find.

Build a top-notch website

Your own website could help potential clients contact you easily while getting a glimpse of how you are as an agent. You could feature your most glowing reviews from existing clients so new ones can trust you more with what they are looking for.

Optimize your website with the following strategies:

  • Make sure your SEO blogs are optimized for search.
  • Share and create helpful how-to videos you can feature.
  • Provide an avenue for newsletter sign-up, so you can create a database of email addresses.

Be polite and say thanks

As your client base builds, more and more people will organically refer you to their friends. Send handwritten notes and simple gifts once you’ve gotten successful referrals. Not only is this a great way of saying, “Thank you!” and being polite, but it’s also a great way to be remembered in the real estate business.

Naturally, clients who receive gifts in thanks from certain real estate agents will prefer to do business with them over agents who don’t send over anything at all.

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